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We offer private fully customized tours with the destination and learning options of your choice.

Join our expert local hosts to learn how true Sitkans live.

Meet local authors, teachers, fisherman and entrepreneurs who have helped make Sitka the unique place it is today.

Our Drivers

Hank Moore

Hank has lived in Alaska for 20 years. 14 of those have been spent running Hank’s Tours.

Before that, Hank dabbled in multiple careers which gave him glimpses into different aspects of the Alaskan economy.

From commercial fisher to recording artist and finally business owner, Hank can teach you about the variety of lifestyles that many Alaskans lead.

Karen Martinsen, MA, Education

Karen has lived in Alaska for over 40 years trying her hand at fishing and then finding her true passion, education.

Karen started out as a history teacher and then became a principal. She then went on to work as an education consultant for over 90 villages in bush Alaska. She is the author of “Yukon Rerun.”

Karen can give you an in-depth look at the Russian and Native Alaskan history, including how the native corporations operate today. She can offer an intimate view of Sitka living, including the economy, food and real estate costs, and educational systems.

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Photo credits: Fortress of the Bears, Lauren Allen and Karen Martinsen

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