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Every visitor with Hank’s Tours receives a private experience; it’s like getting a tour from a friend. All tours are filled with accurate and intriguing information, creating memories that last a lifetime.

 We are happy to assist you in setting up boat trips for fishing or wildlife viewing, to add to your Alaskan adventure. Our tours are person-centered and entirely customized. We make sure you get exactly what you want. We can accommodate people with special needs or challenges i.e. wheelchairs, trouble with stairs, etc.

You can depend on the Hank’s Tours team to be in contact with you before, during and after your trip to ensure a wonderful experience. We can pick you up straight off the boat or conveniently at your shuttle stop.

Featured Tours

Sitka has a surprising history that reaches every corner of the world. Join us on an Alaskan adventure that is packed with history, storytelling and sights you can only see in Sitka.


Get an up-close look at Bears and how they live. Bears found at Fortress of the Bear would not survive in the wild on their own. The Fortress allows them to live out their lives in a caring, educational setting that is enjoyed by humans and bears alike.


The Alaska Raptor Center is home to 24 eagles, hawks, falcons and owls. The Raptor Center houses birds who could not survive in the wild themselves. Dedicated to rehabilitation and release, the Raptor Center is a perfect place to learn about the Alaskan Raptors.


Totem Park, the oldest National Park in Alaska, is a wonderful place to discover Alaska Native heritage at the Southeast Indian Alaska Cultural Center. You can also find local artisans and workshops held throughout the park.

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Photo credits: Fortress of the Bears, Lauren Allen and Karen Martinsen

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